UPDATE ON: Habanero Piquante Red & Yellow

PIQUANTE RED grown in Los Baños, well liked by Ramil Panergayo’s favorite chef for hs hot sauce.
RAMIL PANERGAYO. He made his own concoction of Salsa using Habanero, tomato, onion, soy sauce and calamansi.

Here’s some interesting information on the superhot Habanero chillies Piquante Red and Yellow developed by East-West Seed. These were posted earlier in this blog.

After harvesting the crop in a field trial in Los Baños, Ramil Panergayo gave some fruits to his favorite chef for testing. The chef liked it so much because it is great for his hot sauce. He immediately wanted a regular supply of the same. The two varieties have a special aroma and intense pungence that connoisseurs love, according to Ramil.

Yellow Piquante, very good for salsa. A great side dish for fried and grilled fish and meat.

For his part, Ramil made his own Salsa concoction which consisted of just half one fruit of the Habanero, chopped onion, tomatoes, calamansi and soy sauce. It’s a super side dish for fried fish, grilled meat and others, he swears. Ramil removed the seeds because, he said, it would be very pungent for him if he included them.

In Mexico, Ramil said, the salsa is a must during most meals

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