Update On Kadayawan Agri Trade Fair, Aug. 1-31, Davao City

Happy commercial stallholders now doing brisk business.

Vicky Jimenez is all excited about the Kadayawan Agri Trade Fair that is ongoing at the SM Annex grounds at Ecoland, Davao City. She and other officers of the Mindanao Garden Club, Inc. have been working very hard to make the event unforgettable for the thousands of visitors not only from Mindanao but also from other parts of the Philippines and from overseas. Also very important is making the trade show profitable to the 400 exhibitors in the commercial section.

The landscape exhibits will be open to the public on August 12. But the commercial section where the public can buy their favorite plants and garden supplies are already doing brisk business.

Here are some of the attractions.

Expensive Cycads, rare pandanus and other exotics

Ven Gallego at center, Vicky Jimenez (second from right) and friends at the agri trade show site.
WOW! Thousands of grafted cactus?
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