UPDATE: RedOrange Jackfruit Seedlings Now Growing!

These are the one-month-old RedOrange seedlings sown on March 11, 2020 and photo taken April 11, 2020. They should be more than 2 feet tall by late June 2020.
The seeds were sown on Maech 11, 2020. Note the deep orange flesh.

Fruit enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the laatest developments about the RedOrange jackfruit which we featured several times in this blog. They want to know when the seedlings will be available.

Well, we sowed the seeds on March 11, 2020. Exactly one month on April 11, we took pictures of the seedlings that look very well. Coronavirus permitting, they should be more than two feet tall by late June 2020 and would be ready for release.

Those who have made reservations include Phil Brill of Tablas Bread of Life Ranch in Romblon, Yamang Bukid Farm of Palawan, Aubrey  Lapitan of Los Baños, Renita Beronilla of Bulacan, Pabs Villegas of Batangas, Allan Arcilla of Catanduanes, Myla D. Jucar, Wilma de Leon and others.

The first fruit of RedOrange jackfruit harvested on May 3, 2019. The second set of three fruits was harvested on March 3 and 8, 2020. 
This is how the only fruit produced by the original red jackfruit we bought from the late Dr. Benito Vergara looks like. Not exactly very red but we propagated it anyway, and the result is the RedOrange tree that has produced fruts two times, once in 2019 and in 2020.
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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: RedOrange Jackfruit Seedlings Now Growing!

    1. Thnx Mr. Guanzon, RedOrange seedlings 200 each. Please text me at 0995-584-9155. I will put you in my CP so I can get in touch with you easiet. This is Zac Sarian.

      1. Hi Sir,im from sto.tomas,davao del norte.im interested in red orange seedlings.i want to buy.thanks.

    2. Please text to me your CP number so I can put it in my CP. This will make it easier to contact you when needed. My CP no. 0995-584-9155. This is Zac Sarian.

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