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WANT to read some more about an OFW success story? We are sure you  do. Why not? So here, we go.

QUITE HIGH PAY – Lorenzo Carlos, an aircraft mechanic graduate, served as driver for the American soldiers in Afghanistan for four years. He received about one thousand dollars a month, which was relatively higher than what other OFWs in the Middle East received. 

BACK TO ARAYAT – Anyway, when Lorenzo’s work contract ended, he decided to go back to his family in Brgy. Arenas in Arayat, Pampanga. Instead of looking for another employment abroad, he decided to rent two hectares from his father so he could go into farming.

FAVORITE – L orenzo planted several vegetables but Upo (bottle gourd) was one of his favorite crops when we visited him in November 2017. Why? For a very simple reason. It is because Upo is very cheap to establish and it does not require lots of fertilizers and pesticides. The fruits are cheap, but then the variety he planted, Mayumi, was very fruitful. 

LIKE PENSIONADO – Lorenzo said you feel like you are a pensionado when you plant upo. That is because once the plants start producing fruits about 45 days after planting, harvesting is done every two days and the fruits are all bought at P6 apiece by a trader. 

EVERY 2 DAYS – One time, his wife Aissa related that they harvested 1,400 fruits in one day which brought them P8,400. The pension comes every two days, unlike the SSS pension which is once a month, Aissa quipped. From that half hectare of upo, the couple grossed P155,000.

SUGGESTION – This is something you might want to ponder. If your area permits, you can stagger planting Upo by growing half a hectare at a time so your “pension” would be continuous. Good?


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