URINE – Very Good For Ornamentals

DR. ROMEO GUTIERREZ, a medical surgeon who was a former president of the Philippine Horticultural Society, swears that human urine (his own urine) is very effective in boosting the robust growth of ornamental plants. He has observed that a very dilute solution is best. This means that one part of urine mixed with 50 parts ordinary water works best for his Aglaonemas and other ornamentals in his collection.

At night he takes a lot of multivitamins and minerals so that when he urinates in the morning, his urine will be very rich. Application of the urine solution may be every few days. He warns that too much urine can be detrimental. It could make the soil very acidic which could harm the roots.

Dr. Gutierrez, by the way, is an Aglaonema breeder. He has produced several hybrids including those named after President Cory Cojuangco Aquino, Sen. Miriam Santiago and a few others.

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