VARIEGATED TIESSA: First Prize In Fruit Tree Competition, Kadayawan Garden Show, Davao City

Close up of the variegated fruit.

A mutant tiessa with variegated leaves and fruits topped the fruit trees competition in the Kadayawan Garden and Fruit Agri Trade Show at the SM City grounds in Davao City. This is the first time that a competition of fruit-bearing trees was included in the annual garden show under the auspices of the Floriculture Industry of Davao Inc.

The first prize-winning fruit tree is owned by Rosalyn Dorado, a woman who runs her own nursery in Davao City. The winning tiessa has leaves that are prominently variegated yellow and green. And so are the fruits.

To many garden enthusiasts, variegated plants are highly prized, especially if they are still few and are outstanding in a number of ways. Maybe, they are economically important. The produce fruits that are nice to eat. They can also be valuable because of their decorative potentials. For instance, the winning tiessa in container is also a good material for enhancing the landscape.


As far as Rosalyn Dorado is conserned, there is only one variegated tiessa that she knows of. She has not yet propagated her plant which for the first time bore fruit in time for the Kadayawan Garden and Farm agri-trade fair which will run through August.

She said that she acquired the plant while it was just a seedling from her aunt who got it from a friend. Now that it is a winner in a garden competition, the plant will be a much sought-after plant. Rosalyn could start propagating the same which could reward her with a good return from her gardening. It is not certain though if the seeds will also grow into variegated plants. What is more certain is that variegated plants could be multiplied by grafting. The scion could be grafted on seedlings of the ordinary green variety.

Both the leaves and the fruits are beautifully variegated.
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