Vertical Vegetable Garden

Vertical Vegetable Garden
Vertical Vegetable Garden
Vertical beds planted to pechay and kangkong.

IF YOU don’t have enough space for your vegetable garden in your home, you can copy the vertical garden showcased by Toto Barcelona at the Horticulture 2014 garden show (January 24 – Feb. 3, 2014) at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. 

The planting bed is about two inches thick, held in place between two sheets of poultry mesh wire. The planting medium is a mixture of carbonized rice hull and coco coir dust.

 Leafy vegetables like pechay, lettuce, mustard, upland kangkong and others could be planted from the bottom up. Watering is hassle-free because it is done by drip irrigation. Just open the faucet and presto!, the plants are watered and fertilized at the same time.

The vertical bed could be provided with a portable stand so it could be transferred to a desirable spot whenever necessary.

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