VERY EASY: Make your own Saba Fries that’s better than French Fries. Here’s how!

Saba banana is aavailable throughout the year all over the country. That’s a very good advantage.

Here’s a simple technique. You can make Saba Fries that’s better tasting than  your favorite potato French Fries. Here’s how.

NO ADDITIVE – Saba Fries is made of fully developed but unripe fruit of the Saba banana. The fruit is peeled, sliced in much the same way as the potato for French Fries, and then deep fried in cooking oil. There’s no need to add anything – just pure sliced Saba banana. You don’t have to add any sugar or salt. Just right for advocates of organically produced food.

CRISP & CRUNCHY – Saba Fries tastes great. It is crisp and crunchy even when it has cooled down. French fries, on the other hand, usually becomes limp and soggy after it has cooled down. Not the Saba Fries. Try it to prove it!

AT HOME –  The sliced fruits could be prepared beforehand and stored in the refrigerator for future frying. 

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