Vietnam Pummelo In A Container

IF YOU Have a limited space where you live and you love to grow fruits, you can grow your fruit trees in containers. Just like this Vietnam pummelo that is grown in a medium size rubberized container. The plant is just over a year old but it is already fruiting.
The Vietnam pummelo produces big fruits that are sweet and juicy. The one in photo is at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. (0917-841-5477 or 0926-745-0401).
Other fruit trees that will fruit well even if grown in a container include balimbing, duhat, Perante orange, makopa, chico, Key Lime and others.
One trick is to provide a good growing medium that is rich in organic matter. Put a lot of organic fertilizer like Durabloom. You can also add complete inorganic fertilizer once a month. Spraying the leaves with foliar fertilizer will also produce good results.

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