VILLAMOR MACABAN: Happy User Of Atonik Forte

A farmer who has been farming the last 25 years is a happy user of a growth promotant for rice and other crops. He is Villamor Macaban of Brgy. Unzad, Villasis, Pangasinan.

Rice sprayed with Atonik Forte produces heavier grains with higher milling recovery, according to Villamor Macaban.

The growth promotant that has enabled him to harvest an increase of 5 to 10% from his rice farm is Atonik Forte, a product being distributed by Ramgo International. The product promotes fast growth of his rice plants. producing more tillers and higher yield.

He also reports that the grains are heavier. When milled, the grains produced with Atonik Forte have higher rice recovery.

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