VINCE FRIAS And Organic Frillice Lettuce

VINCE FRIAS And Organic Frillice Lettuce
VINCE FRIAS And Organic Frillice Lettuce
VINCE FRIAS, a balikbayan from Los Angeles, Callifornia, smiles as he poses with a beautifully growing Frillice lettuce at the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna, May 18, 2014. He visited the place together with his wife Tessie and relatives who are based in the Philippines.

Frillice is a salad veggie that has deeply serrated leaf margins. It is growing in a black plastic bag that is filled with a rich organic growing medium. The growing bag is perched on a bamboo platform constructed above a waterway at the edge of the property. At the Costales farm, the use of every space is maximized.

The Costales farm now attracts a lot of visitors locally as well as abroad. Two days before the visit of Vince and his relatives, four busloads of agri-tourists from La Union visited the Costales Farm. On the day of Vince’s visit, tourists from Davao as well as from Lucban town were also spotted there by your blogger.

The following day, 80 farmers from Sorsogon were scheduled to tour the organic farm also. And on Sunday, May 25, the Friends of AANI will also tour the place.

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