WALING-WALING VARIATIONS: In Jaime Chua’s Orchid Farm In Busay, Cebu City

Vanda sanderiana with dark pink petals in the farm of Jaime Chua in busay, Cebu City.

If you happen to visit the orchid farm of Jaime Chua in the highland area of Cebu City, Busay, you will appreciate the different forms of Vanda Sanderiana better known as the Waling-Waling to most Filipinos. Jaime has about 500 mature Waling-Walings growing on palm tree trunks and on trunks of Anonang trees. His farm boasts of different forms of the Queen of Philippine Orchids that include different degrees of coloration.

Jaime has been collecting outstanding Waling-Waling mother plants which he uses in his breeding program. He makes his own Waling-Waling crosses which he multiplies through tissue culture. He knows there is a big market for Waling-Waling with outstanding characteristics.

Waling-Waling loves the mild climate of Busay. Some of Jaime’s mother plants are producing multiple spikes. The latest has 9 flower spikes that were still unopened as of August 15, 2017. Aside from the common form and color of Waling-Waling, Jaime has Waling-Waling with dark pink petals, petals with a tinge of orange, Albata and Alba.

This one has six spikes, some not yet opened.
Jaime Chua’s Walinbg-Wailing with flowers that have tinge of orange.
One of the outstanding Waling-Waling Jaime Chua uses in breeding.
Vanda Sanderiana ‘Albata’
Vanda Sanderiana ‘Alba’
Waling-Waling gown on |Anonang tree.
Jaime Chua also grows other species like this Grammatophyllum multiflorum.
Coloegyne ruchossenii or Rosary orchid in the farm of Jaime Chua.
Pond of lotus and floating cottages.
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