Want to Visit Fairy Lake Leisure Farm?

Want to Visit Fairy Lake Leisure Farm?

AFTER POSTING our lychee picking at the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm, a number of people have asked us how to go there from Taipei. Well, you can take the bullet train and get down at the Chiayi station. Then take a shuttle bus (with pay) to the farm.

Better still, if you are a group from the Philippines, get in touch with Jane Chen of Everbright Travel and Tours at 0917-520-9001. She can take you there and to other interesting places.

Want to Visit Fairy Lake Leisure Farm?
STRONG WU, Fairy Lake Manager, under a heavily fruiting longan tree ready for harvest this August.

NOTE: Lychee picking may already be over by this time. But you can catch the longan picking season which will be sometime this August 2014.

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