Warning To Aspiring Farmers


Farming is enjoyable when you have bountiful harvest of fruits just like ZBS here with his harvest of Abiu, a fruit from Brazil that tastes like Caimito.

Forwarned in forearmed. And so to those who are planning to become a farmer, here are some thoughts to consider. You want to develop your own dream farm? Fine. You are not unlike many other professionals in the city and elsewhere who dream of having a small piece of paradise. But donโ€™t be carried away by your fantasies.

Why? Because farming has its own problems as well as its rewards. Farming can be enjoyable but it can also be frustrating. In farming you can lose your shirt and your pants. You can even lose your sanity. But farming can also make you rich, not only in terms of money but also in experience and self-fulfillment.

When you decide to go into farming, be prepared to sweat and work the soil with your own hands. Be ready to spend money. Be prepared to face the fury of Mother Nature and its consequences. But you should also be prepared to reap the bounty of your hard work and share it with your loved ones.

Here are some pointers you might want to keep in mind. There are more types of farming than you think. And you should choose what suits your situation best. When you want to start your own farm, ask yourself why in the first place you are going into farming. Is it for making money? Is it for relaxation? Is it for show to friends and peers? Etcetera.

You should identify your own preferences. Some people love farm animals. Others go for fruit trees. A number would choose vegetables. Still, others would go for the unusual, the high-priced produce for a special market.

Of course, you have to consider your resources. That means your personal skills, the money you have avilable for financing your farm project. Is it your own savings or is it borrowed?

Beware of borrowed capital. Farming is a very risky business. If you are just a beginner, it would be more prudent to just use your own savings. Present interest rates are much too high and you could lose your farm with just one misstep.

These are just a few reminders. Read books, magazines and newspapers that feature agriculture stories. You can also follow us online. Log on to: zacsarian.com for practical tips on farming

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ZAC B. SARIAN enjoys posing with his hybrid durian from Malaysia.

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