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On the cover is Edison Magararu’s brother Edmund in front of their harvest of watermelon that was bought for P230,000 by a trader. Edison was an OFw who worked in Afghanistan for 12 years. Now that he is back home, he is into full-time farming in his hometown of Bongabon, Oriental Mindoro. Edmund is his farm manager.

You will read many interesting stories in the February 2019 issue of Agriculture Magazine which will be off the press soon. You will read about a young lady agriculturist who has an ambitious goal of making Marinduque a One-Island Economy where most of the food and other requirements of the more than 250,000 population will be produced in the island province which is considered one of the poorest provinces in the country today.

One project that is enabling land reform beneficiaries to get more income from their coconut farms is the production of turmeric in between coconut trees. The turmeric is processed into powder by Agrea, an NGO for profit, which sells it to a big pharmaceutical laboratory as well as to foreign importers like India and some European countries.

You will also read about the story of Edison Magararu, a former OFW who knew how to save and invest his income. He has returned to the Philippines from his job in Afghanistan where he worked for 12 years doing accounting for the US Corps of Engineers. He has invested some of his savings in a farm and fishpond in Bongabon, Oriental Mindoro where he has big plans in going full-time as agribusiness entrepreneur.

You will also read about an award-winning fish farmer who used to be an ordinary worker in a fish farm. He quit his old job and put up his own tilapia hatchery which won him the Gawad Saka award in Fish Culture in 2018. His name is Vicent Lugagay of Brgy. Rizal, Santiago City in Isabela.

You will likewise read the article of Dr. Pablito P. Pamplona who is urging our farmers to grow more durian, longkong and mangosteen because these are in big demand abroad as well as in the local market.


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VICENTE LUGAGAY showing his breeder tilapia.
Musang King is considered the best variety available in the market, especially in terms of taste.

You will also read the report of Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero about farmed tilapia culture in South Cotabato.

Don’t miss any copy of Agriculture Magazine published by the Manila Bulletin. It is the most widely circulated agriculture magazine in the Philippines today. It is available by subscription as well as in bookstores and other outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide.

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