WATCH FOR: January 2018 Agriculture Magazine

Dr. Agustin Molina Jr. on the cover with a big bunch of Variant 218.

The January 2018 issue of Agriculture Magazine will be out any day now. Better make sure to get a copy so you will not miss the useful information you can adopt in your own farming or agribusiness.

First, you will get a clear idea on the chronology of events that has led to the discovery of a Cavendish variant that can significantly tolerate the violent Fusarium Wilt TR4 which has threatened the Cavendish banana industry in Mindanao more than a dozen years ago. Today, Varian 218 is now being tissue-cultured by the millions by the big banana companies as an answer to the virulent banana disease. You will meet Dr. Agustin Molina on the cover who orchestrated the program of action through the involvement of government agencies, research institutions, big and smallhold banana farmers, NGOs, and international partners.

Ornamental plants have many unharnessed possibilities.

You will also read about the insights of Harbest president Toto Barcelona who takes a second look at the Philippine Horticulture Industry’s livelihood opportunities. He sees so many opportunities in this sector that have not been fully harnessed. He focuses on the neglected sector of our horticulture industry, namely ornamental plants and trees.

You will also read about an enterprising couple who shifted to cacao production because of climate change. They intercropped their durian trees with cacao and now they have planted more than 20 hectares to cacao between durian trees. And they are also making chocolates.

Other features are the very educational Atisco Harvest Festival; two new super hot chillies; former OFW makes good in farming and many other features. Agriculture Magazine is published by the Manila Bulletin and edited by yours truly. It is the most widely circulated agri magazine in the country. It is available in bookstores and outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide.

A very fruitful cacao in the farm of Nhel and Mary Grace Belviz in Calinan, Davao City.
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