Watta Bamboo, This One!

Ever seen one like this before? I photographed up in the mountain of Carmen, North Cotabato about seven years ago.

Have you seen a bamboo clump as big as this? The canopy is so thick and wide-spreading that one can actually conduct a class or seminar under it. It can be a restful place for those who want a most peaceful atmosphere because it is found somewhere in the mountain in Carmen, North Cotabato, far from residential communities. ย One can entertain one’s drinking buddies if that is his cup of tea.

We took these two pictures about seven years ago. I am posting them here because I often think about them whenever I think of interesting plants I have admired. The variety does not have any thorns so it is really nice to have it around in the farm. I am not sure but this could be at least fifty years old. It could even be more.

Under the thick canopy is an ideal place to entertain one’s drinking buddies or some other visitors.
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