We Are Gaining More Respect For Ambarella

We Are Gaining More Respect For Ambarella
We Are Gaining More Respect For Ambarella
Pickled Ambarella (the round one) and mango served at the Bogor Novotel, Indonesia.

Earlier in this blog, we wrote that we didn’t pay much attention to Ambarella (Spondias cytheria) because there are better-tasting fruits eaten fresh.

Somewhat, our interest in Ambarella was aroused when we saw a lot of this fruit tree in a leisure farm in Taiwan in May 2013. The fruits are being used in their cooking.

Then we learned from Ely Jocson, our friend from Silang, Cavite, that he loves to make special fish dishes and salads using the fruits and leaves.

And during our latest trip to Bogor, Indonesia (Nov. 11-14, 2013) we had the surprise of our life when we tasted the pickled Ambarella and mango being served during breakfast at the Bogor Novotel. We simply loved the pickled Ambarella. Apparently, the pickled fruits were not fully mature as the seed (or stone?) was still undeveloped.

Now we think of multiplying our one and only Ambarella tree. If grown in a commercial scale, producing pickled ambarella could be a money maker. We have not seen Ambarella seed sprouting but there are saplings that grow near the base of the tree which could be balled for propagation.

We Are Gaining More Respect For Ambarella
A cluster of Ambarella at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.
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