WE SHOUTED, WOW HAM SIAO! A possible goldmine!

The fragrant flower of  Ham Siao (Photo from the Internet).

A LADY in her mid-40s had approached us for advice on what ornamental plants she can grow for profit. She was widowed about a year earlier and would like to engage in gardening as a source of income. Her husband, a Chinese, had left her a farm in Quezon where she could do her gardening. The farm consists of several hectares that were not really producing commercial harvests because it was not really taken care of properly.

WE SHOUTED WOW! – Jenny brought us to her farm for possible suggestions on what to do to make it productive and profitable. Right after arrival, we were attracted by a very pleasing fragrance wafting in the air. And then I shouted, Wow! Ham Siao! That’s when I saw more than a dozen full grown Ham Siao trees around the farm house. We were told that Jenny’s late husband was a Chinese who loved the aromatic tree.

GOLDMINE JUST AROUND – We tol Jenny right away that she has a goldmine right around the farm house. We explained that we have been in the ornamental plant business for a number of years (now shifted to fruit trees) and we knew that many people are looking for planting materials of Ham Siao. One lady we know paid P700 for a potted Ham Siao that was just two feet tall.

MARKET  – We told Jenny that she should start marotting the Ham Siao trees. Easily, 300 marcots could be made from the trees. It could even be more. She could hit the jackpot. After propagating a lot, she could release her propagations during garden shows or some other occasions such as the Agrilink trade show. Or she ould contact plant traders who could buy her propagations wholesale.

LESSON – The lesson here is that you should take a good look at the resources you have access to and make the most out of them. Many other plants that are just lying around the corner could be possible goldmines, too. 

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