We Visited San Pablo’s Papaya King

We Visited San Pablo's Papaya King
From left: Zac B. Sarian, Carmelo Ramos and Dennis Villanueva of East-West Seed.We Visited San Pablo’s Papaya King

Last October 22, 2013, we visited the farm of a 54-year-old former seaman who gave up his maritime job in 1999 to become a farmer in the village where he was born.

He is Carmelo ‘Milo’ Ramos who is now the acknowledged Papaya King of San Pablo City in Laguna.

Currently, he has three separate plantations where he has planted a total of 18,000 seedlings. His biggest plantation is in Brgy. Soledad near where he and his family live. Here, he has planted 12,000 seedlings of ย three varieties, namely Sinta, Red Lady and Red Royale. The planting materials of these three are all distributed by East-West Seed Company.

At present, he harvests an average of 8 tons per week, most of which is bought by a big distributor in Manila at P15 per kilo. The so-called seconds or those rejected by the big distributor are sold to roadside stalls in the province at P7 to P8 per kilo.

Carmelo loves to plant papaya because it has always been profitable for him since he first planted 1,000 Sinta papaya in 1999. He was able to harvest 50 tons from that crop and he estimates that he spent only P100,000 in producing the 50 tons which he sold at P7 to P8 per kilo.

The six hectares where he planted 12,000 trees in Brgy Soledad is a rented land at P5,000 per hectare per year. The advantage of planting on rented land is that one can relocate his plantation every so often so that build up of diseases and pests in one place is avoided.

Chris Pascual, Dennis Villanueva and Orly Pulido of East-West Seed were with us during our visit to Milo Ramos’ farm in Brgy. Soledad.

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  1. Hi. Do you have the contact number of Mr. Carmelo Ramos? We have a research regarding papaya and we would want to order from him.

  2. Hi. Do you have a landline number of the farm or contact number from Mr. C. Ramos? We have a research regarding the varieties of papaya and leaves and we would want to order from him. Thank you

      1. Do you know the exact location of his farm? Also can I take the name of the farm so that I can locate it through google map. Its very important. Thank you

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