Wendy’s Green Peppercorn In Brine: Very Good For Pasta

Wendy Regalado with a bottle of green peppercorn in brine.
A bottle of Wendy’s green peppercorn in brine.

Wendy Regalado, a former president of Philippine Horticultural Society, has a way of preserving the fruits of her Indian black pepper Paniyur, a variety that produces long fruit spikes.

She harvests the fully developed but still green fruits and then bottles them in brine. She mixes equal parts of water and vinegar, adds garlic, bayleaf and salt, and thatโ€™s it. Wendy swears that it is perfect for her pasta. Maybe it could also be added when cooking adobo.

Wendy has a sprawling garden of two hectares in Antipolo where she grows a lot of ornamentals, fruit trees and many others. She said that her Paniyur black pepper which she sourced from the Sarian Farm in Teresa are fruiting very well.ย 

Rooted cuttings of the Paniyur black pepper will bear fruit as early as 1.5 years from planting. Trees like mahogany, kakawate and others can be used as support for the vines. The cuttings are planted at the foot of the tree, supplied with a mixture of top soil and organic fertilizer.

Rooted Paniyur black pepper cuttings at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.
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