What A Fruitful Ampalaya!

What A Fruitful Ampalaya!

This unbelievably profuse fruiting of the ampalaya in photo is the result of what Arleen Valera calls Quality Agriculture Solution (QAS), a package of technology that consists of Bioyodal (a desert soil containing a wide variety of minerals and micronutrients) and PCS (Perfect Crop Solution), a plant extract that stimulates growth, good health and productivity.

What A Fruitful Ampalaya!
Grown with QAS.

Plants grown under the QAS system mature earlier with much higher quality. The technology works as well for practically all crops like rice, corn, vegetables, fruit trees and many others. The materials in the package are all organic and are cheaper than either the organic and inorganic fertilizers in the market. Commercial launching of the package is still being planned but it will be soon. The main targets are the big plantations.

Of course, cooperatives of small farmers could also be a potential target for the marketers.

What A Fruitful Ampalaya!
QAS also works wonders with rice.
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  1. I am very interested. I am a vegetable farmer. Kindly email the contact person and number including e-mail address. Many thanks.

    Jim Paul

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