What an easy way to make a farmer happy!

Ramon Uy and Zac B. Sarian at the launch of the Agri-Kapihan in Bacolod City.

ABOUT TEN YEARS ago, Ramon invited me to witness how his new invention extracted essential oil from lemon grass and citronella. During that visit he brought me to the organic farm and healing center of Dr.Albert Jo in Don Salvador town.

FARMER WITH PAPAYAS – While waiting on the lawn for Dr. Jo to come out, a farmer came along with a sackful of ripe papayas. The man egged Ramon to buy his ripe papayas, saying he was selling each for just P15. We looked at the fruits and they were good. Ramon said in the dialect. Can he offer a bargain?

BARGAINED IN REVERSE – Sir, P15 is already very cheap, the man pleaded.

Can I pay you P25 per fruit? The man was dumbfounded. He could not utter a word.

FARMER UNBELIEVING – Okay, I buy everything but at P25 per piece, ha! And thatโ€™s what Ramon did. Needless to say, the farmer was very happy and probably unbelieving.

HAPPIER BECAUSE HE MADE A FARMER HAPPY – We were also amused at what Ramon did. And then he told me. Now you see, it takes only a few pesos to make someone happy. But I am happier because I was able to make a farmer happy today, he said as he looked at me in the eye with a broad smile on his face.โ€”(Memoirs of an Agri Journalist)



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