What’s Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

What's Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

zacsarian.comTillandsia glabrior is another species in the genus Tillandsia. Early studies classified it as a sub species under T. pueblensis, and some believe it to be under T. schiedeana and T. utriculata but what is definite is its origin from Mexico and northern South America, most of which are found in 3,000-4,000 high elevation. What's Blooming: Tillandsia GlabriorThe beauty of growing Tillandsia is in its different forms and flowers. Because it is an epiphyte, you can grow the plants ย on driftwoods or along the branches of some of your trees at home so they can eventually catch some sun and rain. While majority of Tillandsias have violet color blooms, this in particular is one of a few species that produce red flowers. zacsarian.comAnother amazing trait is thatย the upwardly secund leaves (arranged on one side) seem to be always reaching for the sun. And that if left alone can grow into a clump like the left photo above.

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