What’s Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosa

What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosa

What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosaTillandsia vernicosa is a species in the genus Tillandsia. Its name “vernicosa” means “polished” after its floral bracht. This species is native to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. This air plant develops bloom spikes in the shades of yellow, orange and red and blooms white small flowers. Tillandsia vernicosa is a medium sized plant that grows up to 10-12” diameter or more depending on care. What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosa What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosaThere are lots of forms of Tillandsia vernicosa coming from different areas of habitat. Mine came from a trader that bought it in America, it was silvery with blushing red when I first acquired it. But growing in the garden under at least 80% light, the leaves are on the grayish shade with a hint of red blush all year round. But since our recent summer has been really hot, most of my large and medium sized Tillandsia vernicosa flowered. What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosaThis particular plant I planted in a pot with fern chips medium last January. I did so to speed its growth, but it started to bloom last month and now we are enjoying the flowers inside the house. Since it started raining, this will be inside the house because catching too much water in this medium can cause the roots to rot especially if you get continuous rain. These Tillandsias are epiphytic in nature. Maybe after the bloom is over I can mount it outside in one of our driftwood setups. But for now we will enjoy its form and flowers.

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