What’s New At Costales Farm

What's New At Costales Farm
Growing bags installed vertically on bamboo poles for growing veggies above the ground.
What's New At Costales Farm
Dorie S. Bernabe, PHSI president, posing with a vertical planting tube planted with lettuce all around the sides, and Pearl onion planted at the very top portion.

Last June 16 we visited for the 4th time the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna. And every time we visit there is always something new to see.

For instance, as we approached the entrance, we were greeted by a lot of white tubular planters or grow bags that are supported by  bamboo poles installed in the ground.

Maricel Fio who received us explained that they are vertical planters for shallow-rooted leafy vegetables such as lettuce, pechay, mustard, etc. The leafy veggies are planted in holes all around the sides of the standing planter from the bottom up. At the topmost part is Pearl onion which is claimed to drive away insects that could damage the leafy greens.

As you go inside the farm, you will see the white planting tubes all along the pathways. You will even find them under the ampalaya trellis which shows how to fully utilize one space.
Then we also saw layers of vertical planters laid on top of two bamboo poles above the ground. They are also planted with either chives or lettuce.

By the way, members of the Philippine Horticultural Society headed by Dorie S. Bernabe will be visiting the place on June 20.

What's New At Costales Farm
Vertical tube planters under the trellised ampalaya.
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