WHAT’S NEW: Durabloom Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer

WHAT'S NEW: Durabloom Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer
WHAT'S NEW: Durabloom Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer
DR. RONALDO SUMAOANG and his foliar bio-organic Durabloom fertilizer.

DR. RONALDO SUMAOANG of Novatech Agri-Foods Corp. has come up with a new bio-organic foliar fertilizer derived from fish hydrolysate. The hydrolysate is the liquid that results when the fish trimmings are subjected to enzymatic action. The enzymes break down the proteins into nutrients that are readily absorbed by plants. The fish trimmings include heads, gills and innards from a big fish fillet processing plant.

The new bio-organic foliar fertilizer carries the brand Durabloom which is manufactured by the same company that produces Durabloom in powder and pellet forms.

This new foliar fertilizer is not easily washed off by rain when sprayed on the leaves. This is because the fish hydrolysate has a high percentage of oil that lets the fertilizer stick to the leaves. It has been proven to be very effective in enhancing plant growth in both young seedlings and full-grown plants.

Dr. Sumaoang, a microbiologist, explains that drippings from the spray also enhances the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. This promotes the fast and healthy growth of plants.

The foliar fertilizer is very stable so that it can be stored in shelves without any problem. The addition of natural enzymes and beneficial microorganisms has stabilized the liquid fertilizer, according to Dr. Sumaoang.

Dr. Sumaoang also plans to incorporate hot chili extract and neem oil to the formulation so that the product could be both a fertilizer and a pesticide. Could that be Durabloom Organic Bioferticide? We’ll wait and see.

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    Saan po ba pwede makabili ng product na ito dito po ako sa pangasinan thanks and more power

  3. Ano ho ang frequency ng pag spray ng durabloom foliar fertilizer? It says in the bottle…” daily”. Does it mean everyday till before harvest? Daily, until when?

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