What’s New In Carrots: Varieties As Varied As The Colors Of The Rainbow


Carrots selectively developed by ARS researchers.

From the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Dept. of Agriculture, we have received the beautiful photo of carrots of various colors containing lots of antioxidants that are good for the health. Photo was taken by Steve Ausmus.

In the meantime, ARS also reports that exposing sliced carrots to UV-B, one of the three kinds of ultraviolet light in sunshine, can boost the antioxidant activity of the colorful crunchy veggie. That’s according to preliminary studies by Tara H. McHugh, a food technologist and research leader at the ARS Westen Region Research Center in Albany, California, and her team.

The study suggests that a moderate 14-second dose of UV-B can boost fresh, sliced carrots antioxidant capacity by about threefold. The dose is efficient and does not significantly heat or dry the carrots..

Pilot scale UV-B treatnebt if carrit skuces at ARS’s Western Regional Research Center in Albany, California.
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