WHAT’S NEW: Organic Agriculture Society Of The Philippines

A new group that is advocating science-based organic agriculture development has been organized. Among the organizers are scientists and academicians of state universities and colleges that include Dr Rogelio Colting of Benguet State University, Dr. William Medrano of Isabela State University as well as private individuals.

Arsenio ‘Toto’ Barcelona of Harbest Agribusiness was elected president for 2015-2016. He said he was elected president after his talk on EM technology.

Barcelona said the group will organize the 2nd Organic Agricultural Scientific Conference in February 2016 with Visayas State University in Baybay City in Leyte as possible venue.

Toto adds that there are many abstracts of scientific researches on organic agriculture all over the country that have been published.

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6 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEW: Organic Agriculture Society Of The Philippines

  1. interested to be a member of the organic agriculture society of the phils.and attene the forthcoming event in BaybayLeyte on Feb 2016.; please advise

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