Upo is very easy to grow.The fruits don’t command a high price but then it is so prolific so it is also profitable.

So many readers have now and then asked us.what is the best farm project for them. Well, we can not just give what’s the right project for everyone because each one has his own peculiar situation. Some have plenty of money while others don’t have enough. Others are highly educated while others only reached high school or below.

Well, we have made a checklist here that could guide you in choosing the right project for you.
Check these:

1. It is something that you will love working on .2. It is something that is suited to the environment where the project is to be undertaken. 3 It is something that you will be able to finance, either with your own money, or with borrowed money. 4.It is something that will give you the best profit. 6.It is something that is sustainable. 7 It is something nobody else is doing in your place. 8.It is something that will make use of waste materials, hence low-cost inputs. 9.It could be something that will keep the cash flowing throughout the year. 10.It could be something you could produce on rented land. 11 It could be something that requires minimal care and management.
12 It could be something that requires only little space.13. It could be for the short term or for the long term.14. It could be something that caters to a niche market.15.It could be a hobby that will provide you the needed.exercise.16.It could be a project that will help you keep your sanity.17.It could be a project you want to do on a long idle family property.

OH YES, there are endless reasons why a project is right for you.

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