Scene at a previous Agrilink trade show.

WE ENCOUNTER all kinds of agri people at the trade show. Just like at the Agrilink expo at the World Trade Center in Pasay City in 2019. 

HE THINKS I KNOW EVERYTHING – Here comes a guy who thinks we know everything about farming. Without introducing himself, he immediately asked: “There are so many idle lands in the country, what is the most profitable crop to grow?”

WHERE? – Most profitable crop to grow where? We asked him.

“Anywhere,” he said.

I DON’T KNOW – I shot back. All the more I don’t know what’s the most profitable crop to grow anywhere. That’s because I don’t know the conditions obtaining anywhere.

MORE QUESTIONS – What kind of soil do you have in the farm?

What is the weather pattern?

Are there accessible roads to the farm?

How far is the farm to the market?

Who are the target buyers of the harvest? Do they have purchasing power?

How is the peace and order situation in the community?

I DON’T KNOW HIS SKILLS – I don’t know what skills you have to run a commercial farm.

And I don’t know how much is the capital you have to finance the farming operation. So I can’t tell you what is the most profitable crop for you to grow anywhere.

NO MONEY PROBLEM – “Money is not a problem,” he shot back.

BIG PROBLEM – Then there is a big problem. If you have a lot of money to spend but you don’t have the know-how to run a farm, your money, most likely,  will just go to waste, we told him.

HIRE A MANAGER WHO KNOWS – We finally told him: “What you should do if you have the money to spend is to hire a manager who really knows the business of farming. Give him a high basic pay plus a profit sharing arrangement.”

END OF the encounter.

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