What’s Up In Hot Pepper

Prolific finger pepper with yellow fruits.
This is the hot pepper with foot-long fruits.

At the breeding station of East-West Seed International at the Lanchang Farms in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a lot of interesting developments are happening. We visited the place last February 5, 2013.

One hot pepper that stood out is a variety that produces slender fruits that are a foot long or longer. Henk Pascha, head plant breeder, said that it is being developed for the China market.

Henk Pascha also showed us the very hot Jalapeรฑo pepper that produces small fruits. They have started crossing the small-fruited pepper with varieties that bear big fruits. The objective is to transfer the superhot trait to a hybrid with much bigger fruits.

We also saw a very prolific finger pepper that produces a lot of yellow fruits. It is something novel.

Henk Pascha with fruitful Jalapeรฑo pepper
which is being crossed with plants that
produce bigger fruits.
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  1. How sir, we have a farm that also makes chili peppers. How do we start selling our peppers po kaya? Where can we learn about exporting our produce? Thank you sir and god bless!

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