WHICH IS BETTER: Apple Cider Vinegar Or Coconut Cider Vinegar?

Filipinos are urged to patronize Coconut Cider Vinegar. This could help increase income of coconut farmers.

The Philippine Coconut Authority has been urged to spearhead a comprehensive study on the health benefits of Coconut Vinegar vis-a-vis Apple Cider Vinegar.

Clara R. Lapus, president of Mama Sita Foundation, in a letter to Glenn B. Santos, OIC administrator of PCA, made the proposal in the wake of the growing awareness on the health benefits of fruit vinegars worldwide which the PCA can capitalize on. Even in the Philippines, there is a growing market for apple cider vinegar for its perceived health benefits. She hopes that the proposed study will help convince the Filipinos to patronize coconut vinegar instead of the imported apple cider vinegar, Lapus said.

The Mama Sita Foundation president also urged PCA to find out the income of coconut farmers from one hectare for copra-making versus one hectare from gathering toddy or tuba for making vinegar.

Currently, the coconut industry is suffering from low prices of coconut products because of glut in supply of competitive products in the market.

A tuba gatherer with his toddy harvest which could be made into cider vinegar.
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