WHITE WAXY CORN: Another profitable crop to grow!

White waxy corn is sweet and soft, very nice to eat as boiled or grilled corn.

FARMERS in Rizal province and other areas east of Manila prefer to plant the white waxy corn rather than the hybrid yellow corn used for livestock feed. In roadside stalls in Teresa, Rizal, for instance, no other corn variety than the white waxy corn is being sold for boiling and grilling. And it is at a high price of two ears for P25.

NUEVA ECIJA & ISABELA – In Nueva Ecija and as far north as Isabela, the waxy white corn is also becoming a favorite of farmers for very good reasons. What good reasons? Well, farmers can harvest the ears in just a little over two months compared to the four months that it takes the hybrid flint corn to mature and be harvestable.

NO SHELLING, NO DRYING – With white waxy corn, the farmer does not have to shell and dry his harvest. After harvesting, it is bought right away by viajeros for distribution to retailers who either boil or grill the ears.

STOVER FOR LIVESTOCK FEED – One more thing, the green stover is good for livestock feed, either fed as soon as it is harvested or made into silage for future feeding to cattle and other livestock.

FIVE CROPS A YEAR – Because of the short growing cycle of white waxy corn, the farmer can grow four or five cycles on one piece of land per year. Of course, it is not for planting in large tracts of land because the market might not be able to absorb big volumes of harvest. The flint corn is better for big farms.

PORTION OF BIG FARMS – At any rate, big farm owners can also devote a small portion of their property to white waxy corn and reap its advantages.

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