Widespread Kurikong Incidence Reaches Northern Luzon

Ugly fruits, no thanks to Kurikong.

The deadly Cecid fly that causes ugly black depressed spots on the skin of mango fruits (called kurikong) is now widespread as far north as Ilocos Norte, it was learned from Ricardo Tolentino, the biggest player in the mango industry in Luzon if not in the entire country. He is based in Laoag City.

Affected fruits are not suitable for export. Although the flesh is still good to eat, the price in the local market is way below the undamaged fruits. For many years in the past, Ilocos Norte was kurikong-free. Today, the incidence is rampant, according to Tolentino.

What could be done with the damaged fruits? They can be processed into dried mango, puree, jam and others. Tolentino is now processing dried mango. Of course they can be eaten as fresh ripe fruit. 

To highlight the kurikong problem in Luzon, Tolentino and other groups of growers will hold the First Luzon Mango Summit on February 19 to 20, 2020 in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture. This will be held at the Conference Hall of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management in Quezon City.

Experts and industry players will discuss the problem and come up with strategies to address  the kurikong menace. The government should institute drastic measures to address the problem, according to Tolentino.

Unblemished fruits command a high price in the market/
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