WOODY TREE WISTERIA: A Profuse BloomerThis wisteria variety is still up for debate – the closest variety we have researched and is most similar to is the wisteria frutescens but almost all wisterias are woody vines that can be maintained as shrubs. This particular one grows as a tree that does not reach more than 20ft in height.

But just like other famous Chinese wisteria varieties, the whole tree can get covered with flowers during flowering season from January to May. This produces short racemes of about 3-5″ long. Before flowering, almost all the leaves fall off and new ones are produced with pendulous racemes of lilac to purple-blue flowers.

WOODY TREE WISTERIA: A Profuse BloomerHow can you keep this tree to produce plenty of flowers? After the flowering season prune your trees from time to time. I personally just maintain the trees planted outside at approximately 12ft. high and constantly prune the same to let the light in between the dense branches. This will ultimately allow more branches to grow hence more flowers to enjoy come next flowering season.

WOODY TREE WISTERIA: A Profuse BloomerHow do I maintain this? Believe it or not, just constant pruningย  once or twice a month. We don’t even water daily as it’s very drought resistant as we have observed. Even from the recent heatwave, it has not suffered as much. At the very most, dry and dying leaves will turn yellow and just fall off.

Marcotted planting materials ready to flower will be available at the AANI Agri-Bazaar at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City on July 17-19, 2015. This will be together with many exotic fruit trees from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

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