WOW! Fruiting Hanging Patola Grown The Paningbatan Way!

Dr. Ed Paningbatn showing his fruiting patola. This is grown in a half soda bottle and installed in a container with hangers.

We  would like to show you two more pictures of vegetables grown the Ed Paningbatan way that you might want to adopt in your home garden. One is a hard-to-believe if you don’t see the picture, that of a fruiting patola grown in a half soda bottle and installed in a container that you can hang in your limited space in the backyard.

Dr. Paningbatan with his two sets of pechay that could be installed in a stand or could be provided with  hangers for hanging in a convenient place in the garden or backyard with limited space.

Another is a picture of pechay also grown in soda bottles. Two sets can be installed in a stand so that you have a vertical garden to save space. Each set of pechay could be provided with hangers so you can hang the same if that is more convenient. Happy home gardening!

(You might want to see our previous postings of how Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan Jr. grows his very clean kangkong in half soda bottles tha are submerged in a half plastic drum halved lengthwise. The kangkong in bottles are held in place by welded wire placed atop the half drum. No need to water the plants for weeks.)

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