WOW! Macho Man Eric Becomes His Own Wife’s No.2!

White Dendrobium is an early bestseller for Nora. Orchids made Eric and Nora very rich.

Eric used to be the rollypolly guy who loved to boast about his romantic exploits. Of late, however, he admits matter-of-factly that he is now his own wife’s No.2.

As early as 4 am, Nora, his wife, would slip out of the matrimonial bed to give her tender loving care to her No.1. Has Eric thought of suing? No Sir. Probably because No.1 is giving them a lot of money.

Eric’s change of status started when his wife had a birthday and he gifted her with a box of flowering orchids from Bangkok. Nora got in love with the flowering beauties and thought she could make good business by growing orchids. And that’s what she did. 

She grew a lot of the white-flowered dendrobiums from Hawaii which became her bestsellers. She also put up her own tissue-culture laboratory which produced a lot of baby orchids for sale.

In short, orchids made the couple very rich and Eric does not  complain at all for being relegated to be his wife’s No, 2. He misses, however, the hot coffee Nora would prepare for him after waking up in their poorer days.

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