YAMANG BUKID FARM CARES-2: Backliners cheer frontliners with song and dance!

Our frontliners are performing a great job manning our hospitals and clinics day and night. They  are the doctors, nurses, other hospital staff and ambulance drivers. They need nutritious food for their immune systems’  upkeep. Not only that, they have to be cheered to keep them motivated.

FRONTLINERS CHEERED – At the Yamang Bukid Farm in Bacungan, Puerto Princesa, the backliners are not only providing nutritious healthy food to the frontliners. These are the 280 farm workers who produce vegetables, fruits, milk and many others. Besides giving the frontliners  fresh buffalo milk and Turmeric 10-in-one tea, they also render other ways of motivating them.

TRIBUTE – To pay tribute to the frontliners, the YBF workers rendered a song and dance number. They danced the Fight Song by Rachel Platten, a dance craze that became famous in Tiktok app.

ABOUT YBF – Yamang Bukid Farm is a 42-hectare farm that grows flowers for agritourism. vegetables and fruits for its own restaurants and markets outside, buffalo milk, honey and raw materials of plants used for making Healthy Food Products processed by its mother company in Baguio City.

FORMER ILLEGAL LOGGERS – The farm workers were former illegal loggers. They were trained to be good farmers and are now well-paid and well-fed farmers receiving salaries above the rate mandated by law. They have abandoned illegal logging and are now the protectors of the forest.

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