YAMANG BUKID FARM: Providing more jobs in Palawan

YAMANG BUKID FARM: Providing more jobs in Palawan

YAMANG BUKID FARM, a major agritourism destination in Palawan, continues to provide employment in the province as it undertakes new projects that include market development and new sites for crop and livestock production.YAMANG BUKID FARM: Providing more jobs in Palawan

COLLEGE GRADS – The farm does not only provide employment to ordinary farm workers. It also hires college graduates to help ensure the adoption of good agricultural production practices that protect the environment and make farming sustainable.

GOOD EXAMPLE – One very good example of an agriculture graduate who joined Yamang Bukid Farm is Joegil Apostol Matillano of Brgy. Maruyogon, Puerto Princesa City. He received his diploma in 2020 amid the Pandemic crisis from the Palawan State University San Rafael Campus at the age of 28. Yes, at age 28 which is much older than the other graduates at 21 to 22 years old.YAMANG BUKID FARM: Providing more jobs in Palawan

HE HAD TO WAIT – Why did he finish at age 28? Thatโ€™s because he had to stop schooling while his four other siblings were enrolled in school. His parents could not afford to send all their children to school due to limited finances. Joegil did not mind waiting for several years before he could resume his studies. He was really determined to obtain his college degree no matter how long he waited for the opportunity.

SHORT COURSE – While in his fourth year, his professor suggested that he enroll in the short course on crop and livestock production at the Yamang Bukid Farm School. That was what he did hoping that it will enhance his chances of landing a job later on. True enough his hopes were realized because soon after graduation, he was hired by Yamang Bukid Farm as one of its agriculturists.YAMANG BUKID FARM: Providing more jobs in Palawan

Now you see how important education is. Watch the full journey of Joegil Apostol Matillano with Yamang Bukid.

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