Yara Fertilizer Philippines Launches Two New Technologies For Rice Farmers

Two new fertilizer technologies were launched recently by Yara Fertilizer Philippines during roadshows in Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan.  One is designed for irrigated rice farms while the other is for rainfed areas. This was learned from Nestor Menguita, Yara Premium Products Manager.

The technology for irrigated rice farms consists of  YaraMila Aktibo (21-6-12-+MgO+S), YaraLiva and YaraVita. The set provides balanced and complete nutrition composed of essential macro, secondary and micro nutrients which the rice crop requires for it to attain its full yield potential.

The other technology that is tailored for rainfed farms consists of YaraVera Viking Ship Zn, YaraMila Grower, YaraTiva, and YaraVita.

Aside from the right fertilizer formulations, Yara also provides tools and services to help farmers identify nutrient deficiencies in their crops through CheckIT. This removes the guesswork with crop nutrient recommendations through soil and leaf analysis with Megalab.

Yara will also conduct roadshows in the Visayas and Mindanao to disseminate the new technologies to rice farmers in the South.




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