Yellissimo Watermelon A Hit At The Field Day

The group from DA and Nabcor showing slices of Yellissimo.

A new yellow-fleshed watermelon was a hit among visitors at the Allied Botanical Field Day in Tayug, Pangasinan which we attended on February 21, 2013. The new variety is called Yellissimo, a hybrid that is sweeter than most other watermelons in the market.

Among those who enjoyed eating the new variety were visitors from the Department of Agriculture and staff of the National Agribusiness Corporation (Nabcor), shown in the group picture here. They include Aileen Cantalejo, Leah Rasonabe, Gale del Rosario, Jenny Remoquillo of the High Value Crops Development Program, Celerina Miranda and Jallyne Remoquillo of DA.

Aside from its sweetness, the flesh is not grainy as is often the case of many varieties in the market. It is relatively small, 3-4 kilos, so it is just right for one serving for an average household. Yellissimo is early maturing – the fruits are harvestable in 60 to 65 days.

Some enterprising farmers time their planting in October so they will harvest during the Christmas season when the price is usually high. One can plant 7,000 hills per hectare, and each hill can yield two marketable fruits.

Jenny Remoquillo with a bowl
of Yellissimo
Gale del Rosario and a slice of
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