Fruiting Perante orange in a container.

A LADY RETIREE who is in love with the juicy Perante orange has asked us if she can grow her grafted Perante in a container. And will it produce fruits?

RUBBERIZED CONTAINER – Of course, we told her that she can grow her Perante orange in a container. One ideal container is the medium size rubberized container that we use at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

GROWING MEDIUM – The trick is to use a growing medium that is rich in organic matter. This could be a mixture of half garden soil, one-fourth organic fertilizer or old chicken manure (other manures will also do) and one-fourth carbonized rice hull or coco peat.

FULL SUN – Situate the plant in container in full sun. See to it that it is watered whenever the soil gets dry. Watering need not be every day. Just observe the  soil moisture. If it gets dry, water the plant.

EASY TO MANAGE – The beauty of growing the Perante orange in a container is that it is easy to observe if there are insects that are attacking the plant. If there are, it will be easy to apply the remedy. The right pesticide could be sprayed very conveniently.

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