YOU ASK: Why Have The Fruits Of My Bangkok Santol Become Very Small? Because You Didn’t Fertilize!

Without fertilizing, the fruits of the Bangkok Santol will beome smaller and smaller through the years.

We have been asked many many times. Why are the fruits of their Bangkok Santol now very small when before they were really big, usually three pieces to a kilo. Then I take my turn to ask question. Did you fertilize your trees? And the usual answer is no. Not even once.

And so the reason why the fruits have become very small is that the soil is now exhausted of nutrients, consumed by the tree in the past so many years.What to do? Fertilize. Try this on a Bangkok Santol tree which could be 20 years old. Apply 10 kilos of a complete fertilizer with micronutrients like Z-Fert. With a shovel, bury the fertilizer about four inches below the surface and 4 meters from the base of the tree.

Next, scatter two bags (100 kilos) of Durabloom organic fertilizer  also about four meters around the trunk. After that, flood the area where the fertilizers were applied. Even better if you can drench the area around the trunk, 4 to 5 meters from the base, with Humic acid; We are sure you will notice the big difference when your Bangkok Santol tree will bear fruit the following year.

Some of those who approach us claim that they applied complete fertilizer. Well and good. Did they apply that every year? Even i they did apply fertilizer, that will not work if they did not water or irrigate the tree adequately. If the soil is too dry, the roots will not be able to absorb the fertilizers applied;

Now you know what you should do so that your Bangkok Santol tree will bear bigger fruits next time.

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