You Can Eat The Flowers In Taiwan Leisure Farm

Leisure Farms in Taiwan have different come-ons to attract their target visitors. Some offer hiking experience in the forest. Others offer do-it-yourself (DYI) activities, technology transfer and many more.

In the case of the Hua Lu Herb and Flower Leisure Farm in Miaoli, they take pride in their flowers that are all edible because they don’t use any chemical pesticides.

A group of media people were invited recently to have a familiarization tour of the leisure farms in the island nation north of the Philippines. And Hua Lu Herb and Leisure Farm provided feasts for both the eyes and the palate.

Many of the members in the delegation chorused a lot of loud  “Wows” when they saw the spectacular showcase of vertical gardening using thousands of mini begonias with mostly white and red flowers. One that also struck us was Mickey Mouse garbed with more than a thousand Cryptanthus Pink Starlite.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors troop to Hua Lu Herb and Flower Leisure Farm, especially during weekends. When we arrived on a Saturday, the big parking lot was already full of various kinds of vehicles, including tourist buses. And as early as seven in the morning of Sunday, vehicles started arriving full of visitors.

As we entered the place, people were milling inside the selling area of potted plants as well as a lot of herbal wellness products that could relieve people of various ailments. And speaking of wellness products, the experts gave a comprehensive lecture to the Philippine delegation on how the products are made and how to use them.

Of course the delegation enjoyed witnessing Chen Shu Jen, the sister of the owner, in preparing a delicious salad of flowers, fruits, vegetables and shrimp.
The visitors to the leisure farm also flock to the dining halls for their delicious meals as well as snack foods. Families with their children are there to savor the yummy meals.

For the kids, there is a mini train which can take them around a portion of the farm.

If you are a male and you go to the comfort room, you will be fascinated by the site of the urinals. They are giant versions of flowers that include calla lily, nepenthes or pitcher plant, sunflower, lotus and the like.

The Hua Lu Herb and Flower Leisure Farm is just one of the more than 200 members of the Taiwan Leisure Farm Developers Association. Leisure farms are being promoted by the government as well as the private sector to increase the income of farmers in the countryside. As in the case of the Hua Lu, the owners are making money not only from plants they grow and sell but more so from other activities and services that attract the local and foreign farm tourists.

Close up of the finished salad.
Chen Shu Jen adding sauce to salad.
A typical meal at Hua Lu Herb and Flower
Leisure Farm, garnished with flowers.
Gorgeous vertical garden showcase with colorful
mini begonias with flowers of different colors.
Mickey Mouse garbed with thousands
of Cryptanthus Pink Starlite.
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