You can grow Vietnam pomelos in containers!

Fruit of the white Vietnam pomelo.
The white Vetnam pomelo, Nam Roi, is very juicy and sweet.

A LADY who saw our post of Perante orange in container is asking if the Viet pomelos (white and red) can also be grown in containers and will produce full-sized fruits.

CONTAINER – Of course, you can grow pomelos in containers. Because pomelo is bigger than Perante, the large rubberized container may be used, although pomelo will also bear fruit in the medium rubberized container.

GROWING MEDIUM – Like in Perante, the growing medium is very important. it could be half loamy garden soil, one-fourth organic fertilizer or well decomposed chicken manure (other manures will also do), and one fourth carbonized rice hull or coo peat.

FULL SUN – Situate the pomelo in container in full sun. Water the plant whenever the potting medium becomes dry. Watering need not be daily.

FERTILIZING – Regular fertilization is important because the growing medium is limited unlike when the plant is grown in the ground. Complete ferilizer with micronutrients like Z-Fert is good. That’s what we use in our farm. Two hundred grams of Z-Fert may be applied per container every one or two months. Spraying with a biostimulant like Megafol will also keep the plant healthy and robust.

CONTACT – For Z-Fert and Mdgafol, contact Zetry Chem Sales & Marketing at: 0917-503-8080, Email:


Vietnam pomelos in large containers.
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