Young Oberhasli Dairy Goats Doing Great In Their First Lactation

Young Oberhasli Dairy Goats Doing Great In Their First Lactation
Young Oberhasli Dairy Goats Doing Great In Their First Lactation
This island-born Oberhasli is giving an average of 2.5 liters a day in its first lactation.

OUR FRIEND Rene Almeda of Alaminos Goat Farm has updated us on the local born Oberhasli goats in their first lactation. Oberhasli is the red-coated goat that was introduced in the Philippines about three years ago. And Almeda is one of the beneficiaries of the government’s AGRIPBeS program for the improvement of cattle and small ruminants.

We have featured in this blog and in our articles in the Manila Bulletin publications (daily and magazines) the top Oberhasli milker out of the 18 goats allocated to him by the AGRIPBeS program. The top milker gave 4.5 liters of milk everyday in March 2014.

Rene reports that several of the island-born Oberhaslis are doing great in their first lactation. One of them, OberLar 161 is producing about 2.5 liters everyday.

He said that by 2015 Alaminos Goat Farm will have a well documented family of Oberhaslis doing at least 2 liters of milk a day under the tropical climate of the Philippines.

Rene is glad that the government has launched the National Dairy Goat Science & Technology Program. One of the things that Dr. Emilio Cruz of CLSU announced at the launching of the program last August 4 is that they will now study the validity of the value of Indigofera as feed for goat. It may be recalled that Rene Almeda has always advocated the use of Indigofera in feeding goats because he has observed it to increase the milk yield of his goats every time they are fed with the forage crop.

It may also be recalled that the local animal experts ignored Indigofera for feeding goats. In fact, in the listing of recommended forage crops for goats by PCAARRD, Indigofera was never mentioned.

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