Z-FERT: An All-In-One Fertilizer For All Crops, For All Seasons

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A new multi-nutrient fertilizer is making it more convenient for farmers to fertilize their crops with a balanced formulation all year round. This is particularly useful to smallhold farmers who may not have the know-how to add the necessary micronutrients to the ordinary complete (14-14-14) fertilizer.

The multi-nutrient fertilizer, also dubbed All-in-One fertilizer, is Z-Fert fertilizer now distributed in the Philippines by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by chemist-businessman Danton B. Pajarillaga.



DANTON B. PAJARILLAGA, President, Zetryl Chem Philippines

Z-Fert contains the macro NPK nutrients plus the right amounts ofย  micronutrients that include magnesium, calcium, sulfur, manganese, iron, boron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, silica, chlorine, humic and fulvic acids. All these elements are needed by plants for their growth and development the whole year round.

Because, every useful element is contained in Z-Fert, the farmer does not have to mix by himself the different macro and micronutrients. Z-Fert contains bio-char or organic carbon which lasts for years in the soil, helping rehabilitate badly degraded soils due to excessive use or chemical fertilizers.

A balanced fertilizer like Z-Fert makes the plants more resistant to stresses like drought, flooding, strong winds, extreme temperatures and pests and diseases.

Z-Fert, which comes in 25 and 50-kg packs, is very affordable. Contact Danton B. Pajarillaga at 0917-793-3267 for more information. You may also contact the Marketing Department at 0917-503-8080 and 0998-961-2961 or landline (02) 372-5543.








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