ZAC B. SARIAN: Invited To New Taiwan Leisure Farms, Aug. 25-29

The Taiwan Leisure Farm Development Association (TLFDA) is again inviting your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, to visit new leisure farms in Taiwan from August 25 to 29, 2014. Earlier, last June 15-21. we were invited to visit 12 leisure farms that included Fairy Lake where we enjoyed picking and eating luscious lychee fruits.

We are anticipating our visit to the Bajia Fish Farm where we are assured of tasting the sweet Ayu fish for lunch. Then there is the the Mile High Cafe Leisure Farm where we are promised a ginger feast.

Another new place to visit is the Shan Fu Leisure Farm where we could enjoy sipping pummelo blossom tea and purple coffee for afternoon tea.

We will be joining other journalists in the trip that will bring us to eleven leisure farms. We will keep you updated on our observations.

By the way, Leo Fang, TLFDA international marketing manager, invited us to join this trip.

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