ZAC B. SARIAN: Invited To Rice Forum In Vietnam, Oct. 14-16, 2015

BAYER CropScience has invited your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, to attend the ASEAN Rice Future Forum 2015 which will be held at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on October 14-16. The event is being organized by Bayer CropScience together with the International Rice Research Institute.

The forum will be the second such event to be organized by the company. The first was in 2013 which brought together some 200 key stakeholders from around the world to discuss and come up with proposals to increase rice productivity and quality in a sustainable manner, at the same time, to help improve the livelihood of farmers. This year, continuation of the dialog will focus on ASEAN where rice is the key crop grown by most smallholder farmers.

The conference will include keynote addresses and panel discussions on several pertinent and relevant topics, such as the need for capacity building and efficiency in sustainable rice production, the adoption and access to technologies and innovations in rice farming, and collaboration throughout the rice value chain and private-public partnerships.

On the third day, there will be a field visit where Bayer CropScience will showcase Bayer and its partner technologies and offerings in rice.

Hans-Joachim Wegfahrt is the President and Managing Director of Bayer CropScience Inc. Philippines.

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